Fowler Commits a Journalistic Foul

Mayhill Fowler, a citizen journalist for Huffington Post, wrote an article in 2008 slamming Bill Clinton over a discussion of a Vanity Fair article published by journalist Todd Purdum.  In Fowler’s article, Clinton is quoted using words such as “sleazy,” “slimy,” “dishonest,” and “scumbag” to describe Purdum and his article.

In her article, Fowler quotes an editor from Esquire who said Purdum’s article about Clinton was a dirty act of journalism and was one of the sleaziest pieces of journalism in decades.  The editor said it, “made him want to take a shower” because it was so dirty.  However, what Fowler did not tell her audience was that her interview with former President Clinton was an unofficial interview.  Fowler never identified herself as a reporter to Clinton.  When dealing with a public figure as influential as Bill Clinton, Fowler committed a journalistic foul in not identifying herself as a member of the press.

Fowler has a history of unethical behavior.  In 2008 Fowler snuck into a press conference being held by Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Again it seems that Fowler has committed a journalistic foul.

I believe it is unethical for a journalist to intentionally refuse to identify themselves as a member of the media and press.  In my mind, Fowler is the same type of reporter as Purdum.  Her writing is hypocritical because she herself uses unethical process to collect information.

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