Bloggers and Vloggers – Is There a Difference?

Freshman year at Ithaca College myself and two roommates made two videos.  The first was a music video to the song “Here In Your Arms” by HelloGoodbye.  The second being a music video to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix Alot.  Our goal was to go viral and become YouTube and Internet sensations.  Needless to say, it didn’t work.  The concept was not original.  We were just three college students trying to have some fun.

Becoming an Internet sensation today is harder than ever.  In a 2008 article, author Brian Stetler writes about Michael Buckley, host of “What The Buck?,” a celebrity gossip show found on YouTube.  Buckley has been so successful in his YouTube quest that he quit his job to commit more time to his YouTube channel.  Buckley currently makes a comfortable living off What The Buck?  This trend is all due to YouTube’s partnership with Google Ads.  After a specific amount of views on your channel or video, Google will start to show ads on a video, with the YouTube host receiving a cut of the advertising revenue.

Those YouTube hosts (or Vloggers as I like to call them) taking advantage of this system and who are popular like Buckley are doing what every independent blogger has done before them.  They are establishing a unique following and exploiting a particular niche in an ever growing market.  I commend them for finding a new medium for which to express their thoughts and opinions, just like bloggers did when the Internet was founded.

The only difference between entrepreneurial bloggers and vloggers is the medium where they present their views to the public.

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