Entrepreneurial Bloggers Cashing In


In a 2007 article, John Tozzi of Business Week writes about Bloggers Bringing in the Big Bucks and presents case studies of bloggers striking it big.  The article begins with an anecdote of Eric Nakagawa, a software developer from Hawaii.  Nakagawa first posted a funny picture of an overweight cat on his website with the caption, “I can has cheezburger?”  in January of 2007.  More images with funny captions began to surface, and the phenomenon began.

Nakagawa began a blog, posting pictures of cats with more funny captions.  The blog I Can Has Cheezburger soon grew in size.  By May of 2007, Nakagawa’s blog had reached 1.5 million hits.  Tozzi calls the quick rise of Nakagawa and I Can Has Cheezburger as an “accidental entrepreneur.”

It is this phenomena of accidental entrepreneurship that has allowed for many unknown bloggers to create a living off blogging.  The world, and the United States in particular, loves a story of entrepreneurial rise.  From rags to riches, from nothing to something and from something to someone.  It is this belief that gives bloggers the hope and ambition to continue their work and grow their readership.  Whether it be accidental or through hard work, there is an entrepreneurial drive in every blogger.  So why not give blogging a chance?  It couldn’t hurt…

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